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Octopus Gig Club members plan to lead longer lives

July 26, 2018

Octopus Gig Club members plan to lead longer lives

Is it possible that going to gigs could extend your life? A recent study showed regular concert attendance greatly increases feelings of well-being, which in turn could grow your lifespan by up to nine years. With a continual focus on employee well-being at Octopus, it’s no surprise there is an active gig club, which organises and encourages employees to attend live music events.

The Gig Club is quite active on Slack, where members can plan trips to gigs, share ticket information and, of course, mutually appreciate their ever-increasing lifespans. “We organised a trip to see Bonobo in May, which 12 Octopus employees came along to” stated Felicia Kodderitzsch, Business & Operations Manager at Octopus Cash, who helps organise the club.

“It was great fun,” reported Joe Jones, Communications Executive at Labs and frequent gig-goer. “Not only was he on top form musically, but I was able to mix with people I don’t directly work with that often.”

According to Felicia, the club currently acts mainly as a platform for people to exchange tickets, talk about upcoming gigs and arrange meet-ups before or after performances. But, with recent funds allocated toward the club, the team is looking at other ways to encourage more involvement, and contribute to further subsidising tickets to events.

The study on music and longevity does not single out any specific genres as being most effective, but suggests that the shared experience of music in a live setting is what elevates both well-being and feelings of self worth.

“Every type of music taste is welcome,” affirmed Joe. “The main gig club events have been intentionally diverse to keep most people happy.” And, with his heightened sense of well-being, Joe added, “there’s no snobbery or judgement about what people like — even from those with a music taste as good as mine.”