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Measuring up real-time employee feedback

December 18, 2017

Measuring up real-time employee feedback

Over the past twelve months, Octopus has been utilizing Officevibe to question, poll and probe its team members. The interactive platform reaches out to employees through Slack and email, creating real-time measurements of workplace satisfaction, employee engagement and overall wellness.

“It’s an excellent way for us to continuously measure real-time feedback,” stated Harriet Smith, HR Business Partner at Octopus Labs. “The way our employees feel is the most important thing to us and Officevibe means we can capture feedback data at a specific moment and do something about it straight away.”

According to Michael Hoy, Analytics Manager at Octopus Investments, the key to making Officevibe work is ensuring regular feedback between managers and their team. People need to know their thoughts are being heard. And, to form an effective plan of action that can be properly measured, it’s important that both positive and negative feedback is gathered.

At Labs, Officevibe results are presented and discussed at each monthly all-team meeting. “We want the data to be as transparent as possible,” explained Harriet. “We’re very open about areas we need to improve upon.”

Though Labs continues to score high in nearly every category, wellness remains a sticking point. “Managers are chatting to teams about wellness scores,” Harriet said. “We really want to hear from individual teams and any ideas they have about how we can improve this — then we can help them implement those ideas.”

Fortunately, Labs employees are not shy about sharing their thoughts. “We have a really high engagement level of people who take part in these surveys,” stated Harriet. “It’s incredibly useful for us and shows how much our team really cares.”