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Labs front-end team swept away by ColdFront

December 03, 2018

Labs front-end team swept away by ColdFront

Front-end developers at Labs are hungry. Hungry for new technological insights and experiences. So, with great enthusiasm, the team headed to Copenhagen in November to attend ColdFront, a tech conference devoted to innovative front-end and mobile interfaces.

ColdFront began as a monthly JavaScript meetup with a focus on web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As front-end development has evolved to include new technologies, such as native mobile apps, responsive design, and virtual and augmented reality, ColdFront has flourished. It now draws an international crowd of enthusiastic participants to Copenhagen.

“This was the first conference I had been too, so I wasn't sure what to expect,” said David Mills, Junior Front End Developer at Labs. Of particular interest to David was the conference’s emphasis on bridging design and engineering. New tools discussed at the conference, such as React, Sketch and Figma, demonstrated the ease with which design and front-end teams can now collaborate.

Given her background in Cognitive Science, it was no surprise that Labs front-end developer Adrijana Posedel was captivated by Charlie Gerard’s presentation on mind control and emotive interfaces. By using electrodes and Javascript APIs, Gerard was able to navigate devices with her thoughts and expressions. “Her demonstration piloting a drone with brain sensors was amazing,” exclaimed Adrijana.

Mattia Buffetti, a Labs Front-end developer based in Lisbon, finds that attending conferences such as ColdFront are a great way to learn. “Attending a good conference with people from different, important companies talking about technologies can sometimes be better than reading a book or following an online course.”

While in Copenhagen, the Labs team took some time to explore, dodge the city’s many cyclists, and sample local cuisine. “Danish food was amazing!” stated Adrijana, who enjoyed their famous Smørrebrød nearly as much as the watching someone’s brain waves pilot a drone.

“They’re really big on roast potatoes and raw meats,” observed Labs developer, Richard Bray, who loved the Danish breads and their fish and chips. “They’re similar to British fish and chips, but with much nicer chips.”

Labs front-end team found a great buffet of ideas served up at ColdFront 2018. And with their insatiable appetite for knowledge, the team will likely be back in 2019 for more.