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Labs front-end team creates React workshop

October 26, 2018

Labs front-end team creates React workshop

Labs builds user interfaces the same way as Facebook. Key to their design is React, a JavaScript library originally developed by Facebook. “React has undoubtedly influenced the front-end world in a big way over the past few years,” stated Adrijana Posedel, front-end developer at Labs and React enthusiast.

Having some idea how React works can be helpful — not only for front-end developers, but for anyone involved in creating an app: back-end developers, designers, project managers, etc. That’s why Adrijana, and the rest of the front-end team, decided to put together a React workshop for their colleagues at Labs.

“The workshop will be as simple as possible for the less experienced,” stated Adrijana, “but we will also try to give extra challenges for those more experienced in the programming field.”

The team has divided the workshop into three two-hour sessions, the first of which takes place today at Labs. Workshop participants were selected based on some basic knowledge of JavaScript. And class size has been limited to just 12 places — all of which were quickly filled.

For those unable to join the workshop, there are still online opportunities to learn about React. Udemy offers several React courses, all of which are freely available to Octopus employees through the Octopus Udemy portal.

The front-end team is excited about sharing their knowledge with others at Labs. “If this goes well, we will perhaps offer some other workshops more suitable for beginners,” stated Adrijana. “We’ve noticed a lot of people with no programming experience who would like someone to show them hands on how and where to start.”