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How to tell if you’re a Software Delivery Manager at heart

January 18, 2019

How to tell if you’re a Software Delivery Manager at heart

A Software Delivery Manager is the human Swiss Army knife of any software development team. By introducing just the right software and digital tools to make each person’s job easier, a software delivery manager can radically enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of product development.

Some people are natural-born Software Delivery Managers. They don’t necessarily have computer science degrees or years of software rollouts experience. What they have is a love of technology and a dogged inquisitiveness that keeps them always searching for perfect solutions. It’s possible even you might be a Software Delivery Manager at heart. Here’s a good way to find out: see how many of the following statements describe you.

  • You've downloaded loads of productivity apps on your phone to see which one you love best.

  • You're a bit of a geek, but enjoy helping people.

  • When you see two people endlessly email back and forth a Word document, you can't stop yourself from offering a cloud-based solution.

  • Clutter is your kryptonite. You swoon over an organized desktop.

  • For you, there is no clash between being well-organised and being creative and spontaneous.

  • Your superpower is finding unique ways to use software that no one else has thought of.

  • You with words have very good way.

  • You enjoy foraging alone in a forest, but thrive as part of a team of hunter gatherers.

  • You shape your environment to suit your needs instead of allowing the environment to bend you like a pretzel.

  • You like pretzels.

  • Your brain produces endorphins when it sees any sort of list — especially ones with bullet points.

You may already be hearing an inner voice crying out, I’m a Software Delivery Manager! I’m a Software Delivery Manager, damnit! If that’s the case, Octopus Labs may be able to help. Labs is keen to offer clever, determined individuals great opportunities to satisfy their true calling as a Software Delivery Manager. Learn more through the Labs job posting here.