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Finding headspace for mindfulness

November 29, 2017

Finding headspace for mindfulness

“Mindfulness, meditation and having enough rest can truly be life changing,” stated Szilvia Szabo, Technical Business Analyst at Labs. “They were for me – I became less anxious, and more organised, too.”

Szilvia is one of a growing number of people at Labs to have discovered the benefits of daily meditation and mindfulness. “I’m able to focus on my project more and become super motivated to deliver as a result.”

Sam Handfield-Jones, Director of Labs, began encouraging discussion about meditation over the summer, having discovered the benefits of a daily meditation routine for himself.

“At Octopus there’s a big focus on wellness, but that had yet to properly translate into mental wellbeing,” said Sam. “We’re a fast-moving, rapidly growing group that does a lot of amazing things. But the breadth and pace of change creates a very busy environment. And that busyness can easily tip over into stress, panic and lack of focus when we start to feel overwhelmed.”

Sam sees meditation and mindfulness as useful ways to deal with feelings of anxiousness and help clear the mental decks. “I think it’s something everyone could benefit from on some level,” said Sam.

Sam introduced Labs to the meditation app Headspace over the summer. Headspace teaches meditation techniques to reduce stress, gain mindfulness and improve general wellbeing. “It’s a brilliant way to introduce these concepts in such an easy-to-use format.”

Cynicism about the very idea of meditation is one of the first obstacles people must overcome, Sam said. Busyness is another — figuring out how to make time for meditation in an already busy schedule.

Sam points out a third reason people find it difficult to start or stick with a mediation practice. “It’s not easy — training at the gym and eating healthily take hard work. And so does meditation, so don't give up on your first go.”