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Disrupting the hiring process

March 28, 2017

Disrupting the hiring process

Octopus Labs is all about customer experience, building online tools that are easy to use, and help people earn better rates by managing their own money. So, when Labs needed a new designer, they wanted to take a similar approach — use online tools to find the best candidates directly, without going through recruitment agencies.

Dribbble, a social network where designers rate designers, seemed an obvious place to start. A job post on Dribbble resulted in 1200 views and 53 applicants. Each applicant was directed toward Breezy, a hiring and recruiting platform. “It’s really fun and user friendly, very much like a game,” said Karyna Silina, Project Manager at Labs, about Breezy’s online format.

The applicants moved quickly through the Breezy pipeline, submitting portfolios and receiving feedback. “If we had any thoughts or doubts,” explained Karyna, “we would tag each other in the ‘team discussion’ space under each candidate, unseen to the candidates themselves.”

The initial applicants were whittled down to 25 contenders. Further review and discussions among the design team narrowed the field further. The process, Karyna said, was 100% democratic, allowing input from each member of the design team.

Eight great designers were eventually selected for interview, either in person or over Skype. Three were then given a “design challenge” to create a website for a fictional product in eight hours or less. Based on these submissions, a tough decision was finally — and unanimously — reached.

Ionut Bondoc, Senior Product Designer at Labs, was pleased; within a 25-day timespan, his two most important qualifications — “Be a damn good designer and super friendly” — were easily exceeded. Total cost: a mere £375 for a 30-day posting on Dribbble.