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Dear Recruiter...

November 06, 2017

Dear Recruiter...

Dear Recruiter,

What an arduous thing to be
A vendor of endless employment CVs
Sorting through names, like an expectant mom
From Career Builder, LinkedIn and

Hoping some hungry work-seekers will bite
Ask you to land them a job that’s just right
Something employing the skills they possess
Or calling for interests they truly express

You blast the net with lead-gathering bots
Hoping to strike job opening slots
Use clever hooks and witty referrals
Promising Python, Ruby and maybe some Perl

How many such emails do you think I receive?
Probably more than you’d ever believe
They're filling my in-baskets, bottom to top
Too many to count. And they never stop

Your bots address me with all sort of names
From m.sowden, s.owden or simply just “name”
My response is so simple, it’s hardly a shock
They go straight to the trash after they’re blocked

Truth of it is, I always seek out new starts
Enjoy meeting people with truly good hearts
Discovering gems, heroes, prodigies and stars
At conferences, job fairs or meet-ups in bars

So why would I ever pay you one bob
To do the most crucial task of my job?
It’s money I’d rather spend growing my staff
Than paying for bots baring your autograph

Please, in the future keep this in mind
Before wasting your spam on more of my time

Sincerely yours,
Morgan Sowden, CTO