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Career Day delivers fresh professional development ideas to Labs

September 25, 2018

Career Day delivers fresh professional development ideas to Labs

Last week, Labs employees had the opportunity to explore, challenge and educate themselves at a Career Day gathering on professional development. The three-hour event not only enticed participation with fresh pizza, but also included personal coaching, discussions about pensions and benefits, and information on making internal career moves within the Octopus Group.

Jan Posthumus, Software Delivery Manager at Labs, discovered "lots of learning resources that I was not aware of” at the event. Although Jan sadly turned up too late to snag a slice of pizza, he picked up some helpful information about pensions and the benefits available to all Octopus employees.

Attendees were informed about the many resources available for career development and training, such as Udemy, Espresso Learning, Career Drive, Developus, and Unicorn Training.

Talent Sourcer, Hannah Murray and Head of People, Anna Philbrick discussed internal career moves within the Octopus group, and encouraged people to sign up on the Internal Moves wiki to keep up with current openings.

“I definitely felt people were enthusiastic and keen to develop their career across Octopus,” stated Anna, stressing the importance of building networks. Primary among Anna’s tips were…

1) Identify where you want to focus your effort (e.g. sales, marketing, healthcare, ventures…).

2) Use your current connections — ask colleagues to introduce you to people.

3) Know your elevator pitch: Who you are. What you want to do. Why you want to do it. How you do it. Who you do it for.

Jake Watkins, Head of Learning and Development, was impressed with the turnout for the workshops. Jake ran three short training sessions, covering proactive career engagement and other important aspects on professional development.

Coaching, training and goal setting are a normal course for professional athletes and Octopus hopes to get more business professionals to think likewise — maximising their potential, getting the most out of their career, and achieving their personal goals.

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