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Tim Lewis is a life hacker

January 07, 2019

Tim Lewis is a life hacker

Name nearly any well-known books on productivity and life coaching and Tim Lewis has probably devoured it during his commute to work. An advocate of lifelong learning, Tim has spent countless hours exploring online courses on subjects ranging from Prince2 Management Training to How to be a Human Lie Detector. And recently completed a programme in cognitive behavioural therapy.

As Head of Third Party Software Deliveryy at Octopus Labs, Tim gets to regularly satisfy his zeal for acquiring new knowledge and productivity skills by continually learning about third-party software. By keeping up-to-date on new software and productivity tools, Tim plays a key role in determining which software best suits each phase of product development at Labs.

As a manager, Tim encourages everyone on his team to indulge their curiosity. He inspires them to take advantage of the many learning resources available through Octopus. And he enthusiastically advocates setting 10% of the work week aside for individual projects, personal development and continued learning.

“I like to give team members challenges, like learning to write actions that share data between phone apps. For example, linking their Cycling Strava App to their Monzo account to create an automated process that puts 10p into a savings pot every mile they cycle instead of drive.”

Wannabe Members of the Tim Lewis Book Club should check out a few of Tim’s favourite texts on productivity, such as 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, How To Be A Productivity Ninja and Getting Things Done.

But productivity, for Tim, is not simply about getting more done; it’s about awareness, realising how your time is spent. And on what. “Family is the most important thing in my life,” stated Tim. Being more productive in his work, according to Tim, means having more opportunities to enjoy time with his two daughters, his wife, and his floodle puppy, Mac.

“I am lucky as Octopus encourages a good work life balance.”