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Python developers fail to devour entire pizza order at recent meetup

April 12, 2019

Python developers fail to devour entire pizza order at recent meetup

It’s true. There was a developer meetup that finished with some pizza left over. “People were too busy chatting to stuff their faces,” noted Daniel Karpinsky, Tech Lead at Octopus Choice, who attended the recent tech meetup hosted at Octopus Labs.

The presentation, organised by Octopus in cooperation with Oliver Bernard recruitment consultancy, brought together two speakers, Can Bascil, Vice President at J. P. Morgan and Tsvetan Kintisheff, Python Developer at Octopus Choice. Both discussed handling data with Python and headed a lively discussion.

During his presentation, Tsvetan explained how Python was used to re-engineer the backend of Octopus Choice. The project, led by Tsvetan, included three other developers working in Poland, Ghana and Kenya. Together, they created a new backend capable of scaling Choice for its next phase of growth.

“It’s great having these presentations,” stated Daniel. “We get to see into areas we aren't normally working on and discover some interesting things being done by other teams. We can also apply those learnings to other projects.”

Hannah Murray, Talent Sourcer for Labs and a major force in organising the meetup, felt the event succeeded in creating an atmosphere where even introspective engineers were happily mingling and networking.

“We are planning to do events like this every quarter going forward,” stated Hannah. “There will be a mix of speakers and topics, such as agile development, open source platforms, like ReactJS, and more.” Hannah added, “We were looking to hire quite a few developers, so it’s a great way to get our brand out there and attract more candidates.”