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Octopus Runners Club makes great strides in 2018.

September 03, 2018

Octopus Runners Club makes great strides in 2018.

The Running Club is one of the most renowned clubs at Octopus. Its purpose, according to club captain Amira Mansour, is to build a community that gets people running, regardless of their level of ability. “It's been great for some of the competitive guys as it's helped them set targets for personal bests. But, equally, it's been great for people that wanted to run but were nervous to do it by themselves.”

Amira and Daniel Jewell started the Running Club in 2013. Since then, it’s grown to become one of the most popular clubs available. “It's great to see how we've grown,” stated Amira. “Octopus has been a massive support and their financial assistance has definitely helped. It's allowed us to subsidise our events and sometimes even provide a post race treat!”

This year, the club introduced a point system in an effort to “gamify” their activities. “We wanted to introduce a fun and competitive element to the Running Club,” stated Amira. The new point system is coordinated with the Strava running app. Runners receive points for attending Running Club events and for completing their own personal runs. Those accumulating enough points are invited to the club’s infamous year end dinner and awards celebration.

2018 has also been the club’s most active year to date, including major events such as the J. P. Morgan Challenge run and the recent Chase the Sun Hyde Park run. The team has also started to do Monday night runs at Battersea Park, as part of Track Life Ldn, a weekly event created by two renown coaches to help runners get faster.

Amira says that the club has been a great way for people throughout the entire Octopus group to integrate, cooperate and learn more about each other. “I love the way it's brought people together — and seeing how people can achieve something they, perhaps, thought at first they couldn't.”

To learn more and get involved, Octopods can simply join the Octopus Slack channel at #club-running.