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Octopus can’t contain its excitement about Pride

July 11, 2017

Octopus can’t contain its excitement about Pride

Thousands filled London’s streets Saturday (July 8th) to celebrate Pride In London. In preparation for the parade, Octopus Energy hosted a meet-up to fashion everyone with glitter, rainbow body paints, and customized t-shirts, before walking as a group to the start of the parade.

“It was a great event,” said Cristina Trifonescu, Product Manager at Labs. “I’ve never experienced so much kindness in one place.”

In its first year sponsoring Pride in London, Octopus was an enthusiastic participant. “Octopus walking in Pride shows our commitment to diversity and inclusion,” said Chloe Vaughan. “We're not perfect, but being involved in Pride is a strong message that we're thinking about what more we can do to make Octopus a place for everyone.”

Octopus kicked off the celebration with a pre-Pride party on July 6. ”We’d been planning the party for ages. To see it all come together and everyone having fun was amazing,” said Chloe, who spent the morning on a quest to crack the perfect spirits-to-jelly ratio for the rainbow jelly shots. “I couldn't believe how many people came, and I think we shocked everyone with our surprise guest.”

The surprise guest was the talented Kitty Monroe, who got the entire 8th floor dancing and singing loud enough to be heard from the street below. “We wanted to make the party more than just another social event and really reflect the fun of Pride — so a drag queen felt like a brilliant idea,” said Mark Davis of Octopus Healthcare, a key organiser of Pride events for Octopus.

Many people at Octopus came together to make Pride a success. Diversity, after all, is a strong part of Octopus’s identity. And it’s an ethos Labs takes to heart. “I'm a proud employee of Octopus, a proud employee of Labs and a proud member of the LGBT+ community,” stated Chloe. “Working somewhere that accepts me, and accepts all others, makes me feel empowered to do great work.”