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Labs’ testing team has a huge appetite for learning

February 22, 2019

Labs’ testing team has a huge appetite for learning

“It’s a crucial job which holds a lot of responsibility,” stated Hiral Patel about her role as a software tester at Labs. “For me, it’s exciting to examine a system’s security and functionality from various points of view, including both users and hackers. It’s also a big plus that the testing team gets to sit close to all the office snacks and sweets.”

Many software testers come from computer science backgrounds and education, but not always. Magdalena Piwowar graduated with a Master of Art of Landscape Architecture. “I was working on computers a lot, creating graphical projects,” stated Magdalena. Impressed by Magdalena’s attention to detail, a friend encouraged Magdalena to consider pursuing a career in software testing.

Magdalena enthusiastically took up the idea. “I prepared myself for this role by looking for any opportunities related to this sector. I also took a lot of online courses and began studying for ISTQB Certificate. Before joining Labs, I knew the basics of few languages and some essential knowledge about testing.”

For those without heavy computer science backgrounds, Labs’ environment encourages learning on the job. Anvar Djumaev studied languages and literature, and toyed with the idea of becoming a journalist or theoretical physicist, before coming to Labs. “Everybody in Labs is happy to teach me something,” stated Anvar. “I’ve learned about testing, development cycles, writing code, and much more.”

Lavanya Murigipudi graduated with a degree in Computer Science before coming to Labs to test out being a software tester. “I thought making a software application fail would be more complex than developing one, so why not give it a try?” For Lavanya, working at Labs enables her to continually improve her skills, both in her role as a quality assurance tester and through the Labs 10% programme that encourages employees to allocate 10% of their work week toward personal development.

Nandhini Baladhandapani graduated with an advanced degree in computer science before coming to Labs. “I knew the interview [with Labs] was going to be very challenging, but I believed in myself and it happened.” Nandhini describes the role of a software tester as a bit like mothering the product through the software life cycle. “We ensure the product reaches the wider society with a positive impact on people’s lives. And without any flaws.”

Roshni Renuka started out in IT, before receiving the opportunity to work as a tester. While working at Labs, Roshni stated, “I got more and more passionate about testing and took up few courses to make myself confident with testing and its fundamentals.”

Nearly all of the testers mentioned how Labs has helped them develop their skills, either through providing online education, 10% personal development programmes, or through colleagues who are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge. “Octopus gives their employees a good platform for personal development. It's helped me keep pace in the field of testing,” stated Roshni.