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Labs takes its playful design work quite seriously

July 27, 2017

Labs takes its playful design work quite seriously

Financial services has far outgrown the austere spreadsheet of yore. Design has never played a more important role, as the sector evolves to focus on greater usability, and incorporate a broader range of tools and services.

The Labs design team is energetic and ambitious. Like any design agency, they share their work online, gaining recognition and critical feedback. “We want the design community and lovers of design to know about us,” stated Brice Corbin, Labs’ Senior Designer. “We are growing as a team and we want to share what we’ve been working on, our thoughts and our ideas for innovations.”

“I feel really motivated to work and to improve myself, because the work environment is really good,” added Joana Sebastiao, who loves working at Labs for “the freedom to create and to be ourselves.”

“99% of our days in the office are fun,” said Brice. “I never wake up and say to myself ‘oh crap I gotta go to work today.’” Brice finds designing for fintech to be especially rewarding. “We’re building innovative platforms in what’s maybe the most innovative field to be in in London right now.”

Every Friday, the team posts a new design on Dribble and uploads a daily team photo on Instagram. Soon they will have their own, independent website “with everything you need to know about the team,” said Brice.