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Labs reveals what diversity really looks like

November 24, 2017

Labs reveals what diversity really looks like

For Labs, hiring the right people is not about a specific set of demographics. It’s about finding people with a shared sense of passion, a love of technology and the humility to accept iterant failure as part of the path toward success. As it turns out, people from all sorts of demographics share those same qualities.

Labs recently undertook a demographic survey to better understand the diversity among its team. The results were not entirely surprising to those at Labs responsible for recruiting and hiring. Reaching a wide variety of potential hires has always been a top priority and why Labs does not outsource any of its recruiting efforts.

“I know how important it is to hire great people and create the right culture, so I want to get it right,” stated Morgan Sowden, CTO of Labs, “Even if that means going through a very large pool of unfiltered CVs.”

Labs is happy to share the results of its demographic survey, so colleagues, clients and potential hires can plainly see there is no “typical” Labs employ — at least when it comes to demographics.