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Labs Profile: Jess Farrow

March 13, 2018

Labs Profile: Jess Farrow

Everyone has their own compelling or inspiring story to tell – and people in Labs are no different. Take, for example, Jess Farrow. Jess held various positions at Octopus before becoming Executive Assistant, now working with three top executives at Labs. But before coming to Octopus, Jess was a champion equestrian.

Jess rode her first horse at age five and has been “hooked ever since.” At age 11, Jess became competitive after joining her local Pony Club. In 2010, Jess won her first riding club championship. Since then, she’s had numerous top placings in dressage and continues to compete on average once a month — all while still clearing the many hurdles of being a highly adept business EA.

When asked how her training in equestrian management relates to her work at Labs, Jess said, “Working with horses require teamwork, trust and strong communication between vets, farriers, physios, saddle fitters, dentists, stable managers, etc. Each expertise is just as important as the other if you want to be successful. The slightest misinterpretation, missed detail or delay in receiving information can affect the recovery rate, fitness, and overall well-being of the horse, impacting their ability and performance.”

Jess went on to explain, “It’s like in Labs, where we have a wide range of skill-sets all working towards a common goal. I feel part of a team where everyone wants to be part of the success and are equally willing to go the extra mile when needed to get things back on track.”

Jess aspires to get back on track riding competitively, too, with an eye toward qualifying for the National Championships. But, for Jess, patiently preparing the horse takes precedence over earning awards.

“For me, it’s more important to build the horse’s confidence each time. Ultimately, they have to enjoy the day too. If they feel relaxed and happy, it's a much more successful and productive day.”

It’s no accident that Labs employees come from varied and sometimes unusual backgrounds. Diversity of experience and interests is a big consideration when it comes to hiring at Labs. And maintaining those outside interests while on the job is part of a healthy work/life balance – it helps people be less stressed, and be more loyal, happy and creative.

And, like with training horses, building confidence and enjoying your work ultimately leads to, as Jess puts it, “a much more successful and productive day.”