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Labs ends 2017 with a week of thanks and celebration

December 22, 2017

Labs ends 2017 with a week of thanks and celebration

2017 saw the launch of Octopus Cash, a tech-enabled savings account offering customers a better return on savings. Plus Octopus Choice, its peer-to-peer lending service, reached an astounding £100 million of assets under management just one year into its launch.

Also in 2017: Labs offered its first employee innovation awards, established Octoden to encourage entrepreneurism among its ranks, and transformed its workflow by implementing Agile Development, which astutely places IT at the core of product development.

And starting the whole year off, Labs celebrated the completion of its accelerator programme, launching five innovative startups into the fintech arena.

After such a successful year, Labs teams took time from their busy schedules to celebrate, give praise and express thanks. Team festivities included luncheons, dinners, pubbing and clubbing. 

Karyna Silina, Project Manager, found herself, along with the rest of the IT Operations team, celebrating with an “Immersive dining experience.” “There were cocktails we couldn't resist,” claimed Karyna, “because they were delivered with whistles, cheers and fireworks.”.

The Developer team kicked off their pub crawl at one of Blighty’s oldest pubs, The Cheshire Cheese. Andrew Dobson, Head of Development, was impressed with some of the booze-fuelled ideas generated that evening.

Testers and Product Management teams also rejoiced around team meals and festive cocktails, though Product Manager Lucy Windsor claims their reverie remained fairly low-key, having perhaps overdone their celebrating during Monday’s Octopus-wide Holiday Masquerade party.

While many at Labs will be on holiday for the final week of the year, they have already begun looking forward to new challenges and opportunities in 2018.