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Labs, a launch pad for entrepreneurial careers

March 15, 2019

Labs, a launch pad for entrepreneurial careers

When employees leave Octopus Labs to start up their own businesses it’s considered a sign of success, not loss. Because fostering entrepreneurial ambitions is an important part of Labs’ culture. Providing employees with support to develop their own ideas inspires creativity. And attracts top talent.

Jack Riminton cut his teeth at Labs as a junior product manager before quickly assuming the role of Growth Product Manager for Choice. But Jack held a long-term ambition to develop his own business. With the knowledge, training and encouragement Jack received at Labs, he was able to gain the experience and support needed to move on to the next phase of his career: business founder.

Recently, Jack became one of a select group of individuals chosen by Entrepreneur First, a renown “talent investor,” to start his own business. Entrepreneurs First will see to it that Jack is matched with the right partner and provide them with funds to develop an idea, form a team, and create a new business. 

Entrepreneur First is savvy about their selection process, choosing only the best candidates from among thousands of applicants. According to Jack, the application process was short and sweet, consisting of a brief application form and two 45-minute interviews. But Jack’s dynamic background in military service, coding bootcamp, and as a product manager for Octopus Labs made him a top choice.

Jack has numerous ideas for his startup. But ideas are cheap, according to Jack. “They can, and probably should, morph. What's most important is targeting a market, and a problem within that market, that people are dying for someone to solve.”

That’s just one of the many key things Jack leaves Labs having learned first-hand.