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“How SQL changed my life”

November 27, 2018

“How SQL changed my life”

“As someone who does not have a background in tech, I spent a long time being too intimidated to learn a data programming language,” admitted Billy Kershaw, Operations Associate at Labs. “I assumed it would be horrendously complex and only serve as something to add to my CV. Instead, it was enjoyable to learn and has already proven hugely valuable.”

Labs encourages employees to set aside 10% of their work time for personal growth and learning. So, Billy began devoting 10% of his week to taking online lessons and challenges to learn SQL, a programming language designed for managing data. “I enjoyed it a lot. Plenty of people in Labs were willing to set aside time to help me learn. That made a massive difference.”

After just a few months, the time spent learning SQL really paid off for Billy. “It has already allowed me to completely overhaul one important, but drawn-out, work process,” stated BIlly. “It’s now saving my team approximately 15 hours a week. Plus a lot of headaches.”

In a 10% Club presentation titled How SQL Changed My Life, Billy shared with colleagues his experience learning SQL. “Everyone was very positive. I may have inadvertently overstated my abilities, but I’ve already had a couple people say they will make sure to learn SQL now. So that’s good.”

For Billy, this sort of learning was his reason for coming to Labs. “I wanted to get into a role where I could learn as many skills as possible. I'm glad to say I found exactly that at Labs.”

If you find yourself inspired by Billy, check out SQL and other programming lessons available through the Labs Udemy learning site.