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Glyn Hopkins brings a new vision for IT Operations Support to Labs

February 11, 2019

Glyn Hopkins brings a new vision for  IT Operations Support to Labs

“Glyn, there’s no career path for me.”

This was the sort of comment Glyn Hopkins would sometimes hear during his career managing Service Delivery personnel. The typical career path for someone in IT Support was toward Systems Administration after Desktop Support. And that was pretty much it.

Glyn could see not every Service or Support worker is an engineer at heart. “In my experience, most everyone in Support wants opportunities to advance their career and develop new skills. For some, that route is toward Systems (Technical). But for those with a stronger aptitude for business and management, there needs to be a way for them to progress, also.”

When Glyn became Head of IT Support at Octopus Labs last summer, he took a careful look at work roles within IT Support. He found not only better ways to scale operations, but ways in which each position can develop greater responsibilities and challenges without necessarily having to switch teams or departments.

“For example, instead of moving from Service Desk toward IT Engineering, a customer focused Service Desk analyst can advance from ticket dispatching to team development, training, mentoring, metrics reporting, strategy and management. People should not have to switch departments to progress. It should be a choice not a requirement.

“The focus is really on letting people build their own careers, rather than force them along some specific path in order to advance.”

Glyn’s redesign of the previous IT Support structure bore results right from the get go. Despite the Labs’ ongoing surge in productivity and hiring, tickets were suddenly being resolved at a faster rate than in previous months thanks to improvements Glyn set in place.

When it comes to hiring for his own team, Glyn states that he’s not necessarily looking for a long list of qualifications. “I’m looking for a certain spark. If I see a real drive for Service in someone, we can give them all the tools they need to become a rock star at Support.”

Summing up his ideas on management, Glyn stated, “Provide the idea. Provide the direction. Provide the vision. Bring the team along with you, make them feel part of the journey. Create a place where people not only want to work but relish the opportunity.”

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