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Giving Day World Cup kicks off at Octopus

June 13, 2018

Giving Day World Cup kicks off at Octopus

Last week, Octopus engaged in a little competitive fundraising, as part of the Giving Day World Cup. Employees got the chance to show-off their football skills, while simultaneously collecting charitable donations and volunteer their time for charity.

An impressive £599.38 was raised for four charities — MyBnk, FoodCycle, DEx and The Choir with No Name. That total, along with funds matched by Octopus, means the four charities will collectively receive £1,100.

The event, which featured a mini playing field and mini breakfast croissants, included a fiercely competitive penalty shoot-out. It culminated with the crowning of three victors: Ian Potter, Simon Rogerson and Mona Steininger.

“It was great to see so much involvement from around the business,” stated Caroline Flagg, who coordinates all MyBnk-related activity within Octopus. “It seems there’s nothing quite like a bit of healthy competition (and the prospect of penalty-kicking-embarrassment) to bring out the crowds.”

The Octopus bi-monthly Giving Days are a celebration of volunteerism. They give employees a chance to give back to the community by signing up for volunteering opportunities with the four charities that Octopus Giving supports. And, for every hour of volunteering contributed, Octopus Giving gets £20 added to its budget to put to good causes.

“Last week’s World Cup Giving Day led to 50 more Octopus colleagues signing up to volunteer,” said a very pleased Stuart Sheppard, Trustee of Octopus Giving. “That’s quite a fantastic outcome. But there are still opportunities to get involved. Let the Giving team know you’re interested and we’ll be happy to help!”