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Discovering Digital Design Inspiration in Geneva

March 01, 2019

Discovering Digital Design Inspiration in Geneva

These are heady days for design. Digital technology and new media have opened many new doors for visual communication and new ways of thinking about products and services. The design team at Labs is actively learning, growing and pursuing state-of-the-art design practices. Which is why they were eager to attend this years Digital Design Days in Geneva.

Louis Moody found the conference super high-tech and engaging. “I learned a lot. The talk from by Vera-Maria Glahn was incredibly interesting. Their work intends to visualise the world of data in an approachable and easy to understandable way.”

Albina Cholak was particularly impressed with Gianluca Brugnoli’s talk on how the business value of design comes from understanding customers and their actual experience. Much of Burgnoli’s talk seemed to get at the heart of what designers at Labs strive for.

“Design isn’t just about making an object pretty,’” explained Brugnoli. “It’s the deep understanding of consumer needs, and the creation of a product or service that matches their unmet requirements.”

Among the outstanding presentations at the 2019 Digital Design Days were Burton Rast of Google on UX, the ethics of AI, and machine learning; Judith Wiesinger of Magic Leap on cognitive science and artificial intelligence; Che Douglas of the Wall Street Journal on the role of design in building and maintaining trust in a world of fake news and data-driven business decisions; and Professor Nicoletta Iacobacci’s all-female panel discussion on how VR and AR can be a force for inclusion, collaboration and shared experience.

There was more than enough creative stimulation for the Labs team at Digital Design Days, but also plenty of reassurance. “The way many speakers explained how they approached problems was similar to what the Labs design team does,” stated Louis. “Which was reassuring. It showed our problem solving methods were validated by some of the worlds best design teams.”