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Designers at Labs are leading a revolution.

November 12, 2018

Designers at Labs are leading a revolution.

Over the past several months, Labs designers have been transforming the way Labs makes products. They’re pursuing a more user-centric and data-driven approach to product design, ensuring their products meet real-world needs and maximize usability.

The introduction of user testing and data research has invigorated the Design Team. “Everything is new and exciting,” stated Yifat Gotlibe, Product Designer at Labs. “Solving problems and creating products that people love to use is a real game changer.”

“For me, being a product designer is more about getting to know your users and their needs. It’s one thing to design a product that is simply nice-looking, but is it functional and intuitive, too?”

Designers at Labs are involved in every aspect of product development, from the discovery phase all the way through to design and delivery. They take an Agile approach to their work, allowing the design to evolve through testing and iteration. Much of the actual visual design is created through tools such as Sketch and Invision,  with Abstract used for synchronising projects between members of the design team.

Labs' designers are hungry to learn more about their craft. They regularly attend conferences and meetups throughout London and learn from each other. They also share their design knowledge with Octopus colleagues. “We are currently running workshops on the Discovery Phase, the role of Product Designers, and how important it is to create products based on user needs,” stated Yifat.

Yiffat began her career as a more traditional graphic designer. “Eventually, I became more interested in the process and the user.” She is now lead designer on Octopus Choice, responsible for creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience for the Octopus Choice website and the Octopus Choice app.

“At Labs, you have the freedom to be innovative and suggest new ideas,” stated Yifat. “Every day is different. I never get bored.” Vive la révolution!