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A spirit of volunteerism flourishes at Labs

October 11, 2018

A spirit of volunteerism flourishes at Labs

Amina Fiaz is one of many employees at Labs who does not take her good fortune for granted. “I think we’re all incredibly lucky to be where we are right now. We can easily forget some serious issues going on around the world. But if we make a small effort to pay attention, and do what we can with our time or money, we can change lives.”

Amina’s volunteer efforts began while at Labs. “A colleague inspired me to volunteer for my local food bank after telling me stories of her experience doing so.” Amina soon began working at her local food bank every other weekend, providing emergency food packages to those in need and assisting with fundraising.

Even on the job, Amina keeps an eye out for opportunities to help the community. Aware that many out-of-warranty laptops often had to be thrown away, Amina initiated a programme that now provides local school groups with decommissioned laptops from Labs.

In December, Amina will travel to Reyhanli, Turkey. There, she will work with other SKT Welfare volunteers to distribute food parcels to Syrian refugees. “SKT have a 100% donation policy,” stated Amina, who is currently raising funds for the project. “Every penny donated will be used for a food parcel — all travel costs etc will be paid for by me.” Already, Amina has raised £3,220 to go directly toward purchasing food parcels, and will receive matching donations from Octopus Giving.

Amina believes it is important to talk about and share volunteering experiences. "The more we talk about our efforts, the more normalised volunteering becomes. We can hopefully inspire more people to give their time to help those in need. I have met so many different people through volunteering and learnt so many new things — being thrown in the deep end with not many resources to help has been interesting and so fulfilling!”

Visit Amina’s funding page to learn more about her trip the Syrian refugee camps in Reyhanli and how to offer your support: Amina’s Turkey Deployment