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10 alternative FAQs about Octopus Labs

July 04, 2017

10 alternative FAQs about Octopus Labs

What positions are you hiring for?

We’re hiring for a wide range of positions, from Support Specialists to Software Developers. You can find a current list of opportunities here.

What is the average height of an Octopus Labs employee?
This is almost impossible to answer, since many of our employees are still growing. We estimate around 180 cm.

From which countries do your employees come from?

Octopus Labs is a very diverse group of people, so a full list of nationalities would get quite long. Let’s just say the average nationality is Ecuadorian.

Where is a good place to bury gold?
Look, we’re not financial advisors and we aren’t authorised to give financial advice. At Labs, we build innovative, technology-driven tools for financial advisors and their clients, helping them to make smart financial decisions. That said, there are probably better things to do with your gold than bury it.

Would Labs consider hiring someone like myself?
If you’re kind, honest, hard-working and serious about building rewarding and easy-to-use fintech products — yes. It also helps if you have experience with sticky notes.

I’d like a career in fintech, but the glass ceiling for women in the financial industry tends to be quite low.
That’s not a question. But we’ll take it anyway. The financial services industry has a lot of work to do in increasing equality in hiring and promoting. But Labs is an exception to the status quo, with a nearly a 50:50 ratio of men to women and many women in top management positions.

How many stars are you rated on
Still not sure you understand what it is we do. However, we have consistently received five-star ratings in the ‘Investments’ category at the Financial Adviser Service Awards — an award voted on by thousands of financial advisors.

How does Esau Rodriguez manage get so much done, and to such high standards?

As Lead Developer, Esau not only works hard but knows how to delegate responsibility effectively. Thank you for that question, Mrs. Rodriguez. We’re proud of your son, too.

Why are octopuses so smart? 

They don’t just think with their brains, but with arms containing two-thirds of their neurons. Likewise, Octopus Labs gains much of its knowledge from a network of thousands of financial advisors that keeps us informed and up-to-date.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Esau, quit messing with the blog and get back to work.