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Octopus sponsors Women of Silicon Roundabout

May 02, 2017

Octopus sponsors Women of Silicon Roundabout

Over the past two years, the Women of Silicon Roundabout Conference has become an important forum for working towards solutions within the tech world, while simultaneously addressing gender inequality. On 11th May, London’s Tobacco Dock will once again welcome 1,200 leading women in technology for a day of interactive panel discussions, talks and workshops. Octopus is proud to be a key sponsor of this year’s event.

“I will be running a workshop that looks to tackle some of the problems that impact women,” said Labs’ Emma Burt. ”We’re really excited about engaging with the tech community in London and having some debate and discussion about what is going on in our industry.”

Carla Stent, Acting CFO and COO at Octopus Investments, will be a keynote speaker. Carla will examine steps to overcome gender stereotypes that still exist today. “I’ll also discuss the opportunity for women to use their creativity to come up with technology solutions that bring about both social and commercial benefits.”

Attendees at this year’s Women of Silicon Roundabout Conference will gain cutting-edge insight into trends and innovations in tech, leadership, soft skills, cultural development and mentorship. In addition to the opportunities for professional development, Carla remarks, “I’d also like attendees to make commitments to encourage more young girls into technology; to show them that it isn’t just for boys, and that women with skills in technology can use them to enable social change.”