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Octopus launches new platform for personal learning and development

May 10, 2018

Octopus launches new platform for personal learning and development

What is it employees really want? Money? Power? Flexible working hours? Table football? According to recent findings, employees favour opportunities to learn and grow more than anything else. Millennials, in particular, prefer jobs where businesses focus as much on developing their employees as they do their products and profits.

Last month, the Learning & Development (L&D) team at Octopus conducted a company-wide survey on learning preferences. Results emphasised two key factors: variety and flexibility. “People wanted to learn about a whole heap of subjects,” stated Francesca Chapaneri, L&D Consultant, “on both personal and professional growth — not just topics related directly to their role. And they wanted to learn anytime, anywhere.”

With this in mind, the L&D team have been brainstorming new and better ways to bring educational opportunities to Octopus. Their latest and greatest offering: a company-wide online learning platform featuring over 2,500 highly-rated, professionally-relevant courses made available through

According the Francesca, the portal will eventually evolve its structure and content as they evaluate its use. Currently, it’s possible to see what courses are most popular across Octopus as a whole. But once sub-group folders are set up, it will also be possible to view what courses are popular within each group and to make meaningful recommendations for individuals.

The L&D team are excited about the ability to see user activity and run sophisticated reports on usage hours, top users, progress, completions and more. “The data will give us great insight into understanding the subject/topic of interest to those in the business. And learning behaviours, too,” explained Francesca. “When we have the sub-groups set up it will help us drill down even further to compare and contrast uptake across the business and give us greater ability to work with managers to drive up usage.”

Given that octopus.udemy has only recently launched, it’s too soon to gauge take-up. However, there’s no doubt enrolment has been vigorous throughout the group. In the weeks and months ahead, the L&D team will work to generate further awareness and enthusiasm for the platform. But, already, it’s conjuring up new learning opportunities for Octopus employees.

“We are now looking at gamification and how we can use this to learn, excite and motivate people around learning,” stated Kirstie Hawton, L&D Manager. “I’m currently searching for a person who can help us transform the way we learn, the environment and how we can reward and make learning fun.”

To get started with octopus.udemy, Octopus Employees can simply login with your Octopus ID, dive into the catalog and begin your personal journey of growth and development — even if you’re not a millennial!