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Labs co-sponsors world’s first fintech design summit

May 08, 2018

Labs co-sponsors world’s first fintech design summit

2018 is becoming the year fintech truly grapples with design. The idea that design is simply the beautification of a product is fading fast. It’s being replaced by an all-pervasive concept, where design is a pivotal aspect of components of product development, from conception to user experience. Driving that message home was the world’s first fintech design summit, which recently took place in London on April 20.

The FinTech Design Summit 2018 brought together a range of product and design professionals, entrepreneurs, CTO’s and CEO’s to discuss how experience-led design is disrupting the industry. Presentations from designers and executives at leading financial companies explained how they’re radically changing user expectations through design practices.

Octopus Labs was proud to be one of the event’s sponsors. Sam Handfield-Jones, Head of Octopus Choice and Cash, spoke at the summit, sharing how design has become a fundamental part of Octopus’s business strategy.

“We’re moving to design as an integral part of the business,” stated Sam in his presentation. “That’s both in how we develop new business and products, but also in how we collaborate.... The next step is going deeper, embedding the design process into our entire work culture.”

Other speakers at the summit included Mike Giepert of Wealthsimple; Francesco Simoneschi, CEO and Co-Founder of Truelayer; Duncan Lamb, Design Director at TransferWise; Åste Einn, CDO and Co-Founder at Payr and many others.

For James Heys, Product Manager at Labs, Anne Boden of Starling Bank was the real rock star speaker. “She presented with no slides, was clear, concise and didn't spout buzzwords. She answered questions thoughtfully and honestly, rather than spouting marketing spin. I felt this reflected the way she had built Starling Bank.”

Octopus Labs is currently hiring and restructuring with design at the center of everyone’s thinking. Sam closed his summit presentation looking toward the immediate future, where everyone on the team will be involved in creating and learning design. “I’m excited to see how Octopus will look 12 months from now.”