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Labs celebrates Ada Lovelace Day

October 08, 2018

Labs celebrates Ada Lovelace Day

Over the past decade, Ada Lovelace has become a powerful icon for women in technology — especially now that society is beginning to grapple with gender inequality in the tech industry.

Ada Lovelace Day was created in 2009 to increase the visibility of women in technology. By focusing on the achievements of women such as Ada, a pioneer in computer programming, the annual celebration hopes to inspire women and girls to enter the field of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

This Tuesday, October 9, Labs will mark Ada Lovelace Day with an informal gathering for everyone at Octopus to hear from three women who have recently joined the team — Ruth Handcock (Chief Customer Officer), Trisha Haynes (Head of Engineering) and Sara Furlong (Product Designer).

“Ada Lovelace Day is just one of many opportunities to offer networking and appreciation for women,” stated Hannah Murray, Talent Sourcer for Labs. “At Labs, we recently partnered with Women in Tech, and use their job board to attract more women to apply for positions.”

The Ada Lovelace Day gathering will take place at 1pm, Tuesday. Bring a coffee. Sustenance will be provided (i.e. cupcakes).