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45 Octopus employees fall for five great charities

November 11, 2017

45 Octopus employees fall for five great charities

For Marcia French, a developer at Labs, the November 10 abseiling event was one of the best adrenalin boosts she’s experienced. “I drink three or four double espressos a day… and it was far better than coffee.” Marcia also gave the abseiling charity fundraiser a huge boost, raising £350 for her eight-floor leap through the entrance of 33 Holborn.

45 Octopus employees participated in Friday’s abseiling event, raising over £4000 to support five Octopus Giving charities — CALM, Greatwood, GRIT, North and South London Cares and Beyond Autism. 

For Marcia, the fundraiser was particularly meaningful. “My oldest son has high functioning autism,” she said. “I can't say how much I appreciate the charities chosen.”

You’re still able to show your support for these charities by making a donation through the Octopus Giving fundraiser page.