Octopus Labs Products

Easy-to-use products that make managing your finances rewarding

Our team of software developers, UX designers and financial modellers develops a series of new prototypes each year, in an agile, start-up environment.

Octopus Choice:
our take on peer-to-peer lending

Octopus Choice lets you earn a great rate of interest by investing in carefully selected loans backed by bricks and mortar. We put our money where our mouth is and invest alongside you in each and every one – and we’d lose ours first if anything went wrong.

Octopus Cash: a savings account that works as hard as you do

Octopus Cash helps you find savings rates that beat the high street – with no hassle, and no risk. Just open one account with us, and we’ll spread your money across smaller banks that offer some of the best rates around. It’s like the savings account you know and trust – only with better interest.