Octopus Labs

We build financial products the way they should be

The old financial players are dinosaurs. They’re big, strong and great at acquiring customers – but terrible at serving them. Complicated products. Clunky processes. Confusing jargon.

But for many people – be they financial advisers or everyday savers – today’s challengers lack credibility. The digital world of ‘fintech’ may be slick and sophisticated, but it’s just too new to trust.

At Octopus Labs, we take the best of both. We fuse track record and technology, expertise and UX, to build financial products the way they should be: trustworthy, rewarding and easy-to-use.

Backing the best in British fintech: Octopus Accelerator

We don’t just build products and services ourselves. Our accelerator programme also supports product-ready start-ups that are developing solutions for financial advisers.